GraficArtPrints Certified Studio by Hahnemühle

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After some time in the process, we are pleased to announce that the firm Hahnemühle issued the document that accredits GraficArtPrints as a ” Certified Studio” .

The purpose of this certificate is to inform artists, international locations where true fineart prints can be carried out, in case they shoud move or decide on a matter of logistics – print in a given country.

For us there is nothing more rewarding than the affection and satisfaction received from our customers, but the way Hahnemühle conducts the certification process, making a theoretical test in color management and visiting our premises by a German technitian, verificating processes and media, we are proud to have been accepted to join.

We emphasize that the process is done for free and impartial criteria -obviously, according to the German company-, as they do not stand on commercial issues or lobby pressures.

Certified Studio by Hahnemühle

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