Jaqueline García illustrates “Diario de una refugiada Española” by Silvia Mistral

www.graficartprints.comNewsJaqueline García illustrates “Diario de una refugiada Española” by Silvia Mistral


These images correspond to the illustrated version thaat makes Jacqueline Garcia, a testimony of the Spanish civil war. It may be one of the most beautiful books of exile. Written by people with open wounds who had no hope or balm. During the Spanish Civil War, Barcelona, ​​Republican capital in January 1939, falls against the national forces of general Francisco Franco. In his diary, the author tells of his last days in Barcelona, ​​the bleak vision of the concentration camps in France, and the drama of a people who had fought against fascism. Therefore, it is a story of hope when he finally sails on the “Ipanema” leading to Mexico, his new adopted country.

Jacqueline Garcia writes about this illustrated version…
“A couple of years ago, my daughter gave me a book that had been written 70 years ago by her husband’s grandmother. I turned out to be “Diary of a Spanish refugee”. I found this book moving and started playing with the idea of make an illustrated version, which could attract a wider audience. Finally, two years ago, after having contacted the legal successors of the writer, I decided it was time to take a plunge into year 1939 with all the excitement reached and tragedy, but also with hope and solidarity, that generation had lived. I would also like to express my debt to all known and unknown photographers who documented that tragic period.”
It has been a pleasure to GraficArtPrints, to print some fineart print ilustrations from this interesting and moving work on PhotoRag Hahnemühle 308 paper.





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